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If you want to secure a guide, contact Argeus Tourism and Travel (www.argeus.com.tr) or (384-341-4688).They offer guided group and private tours, bicycle and hiking trips, hot-air balloon rides and just anything else you need.

Urgup is also home to Argeus Travel Agency-the regions best. Although some travelers tell of tourist agency buses that conveniently break down in front of the owner’s rug store, Argeus runs a thoroughly professional operation that can provide you with everything from group or private tours by van (including well-versed English-speaking guides) to hot-air balloon trips over the entire valley.

SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2000

Argeus Travel : A travel agency based in Cappadocia, Argeus carved an excellent name for itself in tours of Cappadocia, and has extended its reach throughout the country. Argeus can book rooms, make travel arrangements, and even provide guides if you wish.





We have traveled a lot and no where have we experienced any as good as you. So be proud and know that your philosophies and attitudes are recognized and appreciated.

Ken and Jane Parker
San Diego, USA

Thank you so much for making our visit such a success! We had a wonderful time with you guys and just wished that we could have stayed a few more weeks! We really enjoyed meeting you all and hope that we can visit Turkey with Argeus again soon! As soon as we get organized we will send some pictures - I think we have pictures of both of you! Once again, thank you so very much for being such competent and gracious hosts. We will give your name to everyone who asks! Please use us as references if you wish to. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jean and Lindsay Mac Dermid

I am very impressed with your response to my inquiry. After looking at all the websites I could find on Turkey tours, I sent essentially the same message I sent to you to two other tour companies in Turkey. I received prompt responses from each of you. But your reply was so far superior in reflecting understanding, capability, and creativity that I do not plan to give further consideration to either of them. I did initially contact a tour operator here in the US, to inquire about the general feasibility of the trip. His response to everything has been, "Yes, I can do that." But he has yet to indicate how he would do anything. I realize that itinerary building is difficult given the limited information I'm able to provide. That is why I appreciate your perceptiveness.

Dick Schutz

Dear Sir,
Through your help, my wife and I fully enjoyed the experience at Cappadocia. Even though we didn't spend enough time over there, we made the most impressive trip into whole city.

Thank you and I wish you a great summer.

Cordially Yours,

Youngju Park

…. As I told you before, the service the three of you provided was truly excellent. Argeus, in contrast to some of the other tourist businesses we encountered in Turkey, made genuine efforts to provide the highest quality of service to us. I think it is companies like Argeus, which exhibit a high level of integrity with respect to tourists that will have people, particularly those in the United States, returning to Turkey for more visits. If you would like, you may share this email with your boss or any other tourist who seeks a recommendation for Argeus.

Thank you again.
John H. Chun

Dear Aydin,

My very first impression for you, when we started communicating for our trip to Cappadocia was really very good, it could not be better! After I personally met you there, I realized that I was wrong! You were much more nice and kind and efficient than anyone could expect! And I say that now, that there can not be any reason or afterthought from my side to flatter you or exaggerate, right?

So, please accept my most cordial thanks and gratitude for organizing this trip for us, for your kindness and your efficiency. Be sure that I have wholeheartedly promoted to everyone here in Greece, Argeus Travel and you personally…


Dear Aydin Bey,

I want to thank you for all your care a good service. Everything went well. We liked the hotel in Istanbul, especially the location. The staff was very helpful and courteous. We enjoyed the city, and we were lucky with the weather.

I think, I will put Cappadocia to the top of the list of my favorite places in the world – your excellent organization and the knowledge and expertise of Adnan, has as much to do with it as the beauty of the landscape and the handwork of past generations.

I certainly intend to visit Cappadocia someday soon, and will recommend your office to all our friends and acquaintances.

Wishing you all the best, and hope to see you soon here in Israel, or in your country.

Warm Regards,


To the Manager/Owner, Argeus Travel

We just returned home from traveling through Eastern Turkey with Edip Ozcan Arslan. I wanted to let you know how excellent a guide Edip was. He was consistently well-informed, accommodating, interested in our welfare and satisfaction, and attentive to our needs. That is what one expects from a good guide. However, Edip was not only a good guide but excellent company as well. His sense of humor and his easy going personality made it a pleasure to be with him. In general, he enhanced a well designed and most interesting trip and made us very happy travelers. His handling of a few frustrating situations along the way helped to keep those instances from interfering in our pleasure.

Please feel free to use us as references for your agency and give Edip our very best wishes. Since I am in the travel business, I hope I can be of help to you on some future occasion.


Stan (and Beverly) Diamond

Dear Mr. Arslan

I just wanted to thank you for your quality services on our recent trip to Istanbul. We have traveled extensively and have used upscale guide and travel services before. Your communication and services were as good as any we have used before. I appreciated your prompt and thorough email communication.

Our guide for our two days in Istanbul was terrific. Her name was S. Bihter Kuranel and she asked us to call her just "B". Her English was excellent, as good if not better than any college educated American. She knew the sites very well and was happy to answer all the other questions we had about Turkish culture, religion, and the political situation. We truly enjoyed our time with her.

Thank you again for making these arrangements. We highly recommend you to anyone visiting Turkey and we look forward to contacting you the next time we visit Turkey.

Mike and Lisa McQuaid

Orlando, FL. USA


Pauline Frommer

Exec Editor, BudgetTravel.msnbc.com

Hi Pauline,

My husband and I recently completed a short trip to Turkey. It was planned totally via email with Argeus Travel Agency, operation@argeus.com.tr, in Cappadocia, Turkey. Edip Ozcan Arslan was our contact in Urgup. He paid careful attention to all our requests booking our hotels, transport, and activities. He sent detailed itineraries. After final arrangements were approved by us, payment was arranged. He selected knowledgeable guides and drivers who made our visit very special. We enjoyed a hot air balloon ride with Cappadocia Balloons flying over spectacular country. The Eresin Crown, our hotel in Istanbul, was located near the Blue Mosque and within walking distance of many famous and historical sites. The Esbelli Evi, cave hotel, in Urgup was comfortable, unusual, and interesting. Staff at both hotels made our stay very pleasant. Food throughout was well prepared and beautifully served. People were friendly, helpful, and willing to engage in discussions despite the fact that we spoke no Turkish and had to rely on our guide or the English of our hosts. Many questioned why more people do not travel to Turkey. It has a beautiful and varied terrain, wonderful seacoast, many historical sites, and museums to explain them. It has excellent accommodations and restaurants and enough shopping possibilities for even the jaded shopper. We felt welcome and hope to return soon. Before engaging Argeus Travel Agency, we read Frommer’s Turkey (2002). It was selected based on the fact that it had been updated since Sept 11, 2001 and was a comprehensive guide to all the areas our friends had recommended we visit.

Edip Ozcan Arslan kept in touch with us throughout the trip and even ascertained that we were checked in for our return flight. He sent a welcome home e-mail greeting us and our family back in the U.S. I have rarely worked with such a thorough planner and thoughtful agent. I can highly recommend Argeus Agency.

New York / USA

Hi Aydin,

Although it is my second day back at work in New York City, I am only here physically.

We had a wonderful time in Turkey. There is so much history to tell in Turkey, especially in Cappadocia and Ephesus.

Your guides were just wonderful. I am so glad we had a chance to actually meet you in person. When someone said “Argeus” was the best, I absolutely agree a 100 % and more.

Thank you very much for making our trip a memorable one for all of us.

Hae Ja

Dear Edip,

Our trip in Turkey was absolutely fantastic, wonderful, and totally perfect. Mustafa was a great driver and a wonderful person. We all felt safe with him at the wheel and totally comfortable that he would be able to handle any situation. Uzay has an amazingly deep knowledge of history of Turkey which he was able to articulate in a compelling manner. He was an incredible host and guide. All the restaurants he chose had great food. He made us all feel comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for. We all fell in love with Turkey and hope to return some day.

Your company does an excellent job, and we’ll certainly recommend it to anyone planning on visiting Turkey. We hope that all you keep well and that your business continues to prosper.

Kind Regards,
Susan Striepe
Brentwood / USA

We traveled with your great company two years ago and had a wonderful experience with your country and the people we met. Also, we remember that on September 11, you sent your American friends an e-mail telling us you were thinking of us. It meant a lot to us to receive that from you. I felt the urge to write you this time and to apologize for the unfortunate strain our two countries find themselves in. This war can not be good for tourism and it can’t be good for the fostering good will between our countries. Please don’t let the current events color your view of the Americans that are peace loving. We will come back to Turkey to support the travel industry and your business.

Heidi Fischer and Carol Lovett

Hi Aydin,

I trust all is well. I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Cappadocia and our tour. Uzay and Huseyin did an OUTSTANDING job. It reflects very well on Argeus to have employees of their quality.

We have been recommending to anyone who expresses any interest in Turkey your company. We will be back sometime in the next three years and will certainly use Argeus again.

Once again, thank you.

Jim Petersen

Dear Mehmet,

On behalf of my friends, I wanted to thank you again for your help in planning our trip in Turkey. We all had a wonderful time. Of course, much of the credit for execution of the plan goes to Uzay; we have told him how much we appreciate his efforts. He was able to take full advantage of the flexibility in the plan and to adapt the schedule to our desires and changing conditions. Most importantly, we always felt that the main goal shared by both of you, was that we enjoy ourselves by seeing and learning as much as we could of Turkey.

If you ever need an Israeli recommendation, please feel free to use my name.

Best Regards,

Dear Mehmet;

    We arrived home safely and one of the first items on my agenda is to tell you what an absolutely fabulous job Argeus did for us. You are the most knowledgable, competent and responsive agency I have ever travelled with, and I have traveled quite a bit. You were also a great value. I was often surprised at all the extras provided by Argeus. The food was fabulous, the choice of restaurants in Cappadocia was charming and varied and our group obviously enjoyed the good Turkish wines provided with every meal. I had not expected that. We also appreciated having the company of our guide Savash, the driver Ihan and the use of the van for dinner every night, which I had not expected. Sipping wine and watching the sun go down over the Red Valley was another great and unexpected touch. We also appreciated the personal attention from you, even though I could never master the gears on the bike.  That is just the type of relationship I generally have with machinery. You guys are great!

    I need a new paragraph for our wonderful guide, Savas.  We study a good deal in preparation for a trip and so we generally arrive with lots of questions that go beyond the guidebooks. Savas always knew the answers and we felt like we were traveling with an archaeologist, historian and botanist all rolled into one. He was also one of the nicest and most patient people I have ever encountered. It cannot have been an easy assignment to travel for seven days with a man in a wheelchair, four teenage boys, an 84 year old woman and several people who are chronically late (no names) but Savas did a terrific job. When it can time to say goodbye we all felt sad.  We miss him!  Please let him know what a high opinion we hold of him.

    We will reccomend Argeus, you and Savas to our friends. Thanks again, Janet Braziel - USA (June 2006)
Hello Aydin,

I wanted to write to you to let you know what a wonderful individual employee you have in Mehmet. I first made his acquaintance via email last winter as our group was beginning to think about our trip to Turkey.

Mehmet was prompt and professional in his early replys, offering helpful ideas as we shaped our itinerary. Over time, we discovered his warmth and humor as well as our email exchanges became more focused, and filled with questions. He patiently and thorougly responded to all of them, from what to expect and do, to what about the politics, the weather, dress etiquette etc.

The final itinerary included all the details, hotels, airplane reservations and rental car reservation. The actual trip as we followed this itinerary worked like a charm, and each detail was smooth. The hotel choices were high quality and most acceptable, the actual daily itinerary stimulating, informative and great fun, and the car rental went without a problem as well.

However, one of the the best parts of the trip was Mehmet himself. He is an intelligent, professional, warm and generous individual who was a delight to be with for the time we enjoyed him. His sense of history is impeccable, and he responded the 1,000 questions we had for him with great energy and content. Despite the fact that we dubbed him "Mehmet the Torturer" following our mountain-bike ride, we truly enjoyed the entire trip he helped us to shape.

When one  encounter ssuch quality in a professional, I think it is always important to make sure that one's managers are also informed of the quality of their employees. You have a gem in Mehmet.

I also wanted to let you know that the guide arranged through your partner organization in Istanbul, Yusef Barr-David, was also a delight. Intelligent, well-informed, personable, and also great fun to be with.He showed us not only the historic and key tourist venues, but a bit of other parts of Istanbul as well. We enjoyed him a great deal and would highly recommend him to others.

You have a great organization and partners. I hope one day we will have the opportunity to return to Turkey, and I look forward to working with your agency, and Mehmet, again in the future.

Best wishes,

Ann Schreiner - USA (June 2006)
Hello. We just returned from Turkey. Mehmet was our tour guide. He was the best guide we have ever had. We had a great time. The Yunak was top notch and the tours great.
Chuck KinCannon - USA (May 2006)


We are 24 hours back at home, and we miss the calm atmosphere, the mysterious caves, and the wonderful time we had in Cappadocia.

Your company provided excellent value! Ali is a wonderful driver, Ugur a most enthusiastic guide, and the sites -- natural and man made -- are unforgetable.

We thank you for all your help in planning and executing our trip.

Norma & Gadi Horev - ISRAEL (March 2006)

Dear Mehmet:

I wish to thank you for all the information you helped me with before our arrival to Turkey and then letting us have Sami and his driver for 2 days of touring.

Sami was so knowledgeable and so personable----I can not imagine it being such a worthwhile experience with another guide. I left having such an understanding of the history and culture of the area plus my husband and I enjoyed the exchange of information and viewpoints on various subjects with Sami. Sami has such a wealth of information he has learned and so eager to share it. He is such an ambassador for Turkey.

I knew your country held so much history and that the people are very friendly----which they were, but I was not prepared for the beauty of Turkey. We spent 3 weeks in Turkey and was constantly captured by the beauty I saw in the mountain ranges, sea coast, and open farm land.

I am doing my part to encourage more Americans to venture off on their own to see more of Turkey than a standard tour offers.

I would have no hesitation recommending Argeus and most of all Sami. Mehmet we did see you on your mountain bike----and you will not be seeing me signing up for that tour.

I am sending a box to your attention to give to Sami. Sami was kind enough to stop along the road at a public area to bake bread. A wonderful family shared their bread and allowed up to take pictures of them and their family. I have made copies of the pictures for Sami to drop off next time he passes them. If you could please give the box to Sami I would appreciate that very much.

I hope your season continues to be a busy one.


Christine Drew - USA (August 2005)

Dear Mehmet,

I am finally back home and over my jet lag! We did one of your exclusive 4 day tours about a month ago. I felt compelled to write to tell you how fantastic it all was!!! You have designed the perfect tour of Cappadocia!! We could not have hoped for a better driver/guide team than Mutlu and Sami (say Hi from me!!). They were professional, entertaining, informative and genuinely nice guys! We truly appreciated the special extras like walking Mutlu's dogs along the creek of his village and seeing the whirling dervishes at Sahuran! I tell everybody about your touring company and hopefully, you should get some more business from Australia!

Also the "Sacred House" was beyond our wildest expectations! So many people have seen their websites now and cannot believe how beautiful it all is...They all are so jealous we actually stayed there for 3 nights!!

Overall, your tour rates as 10 out of 10 maybe even 11!!! The balloon trip was the highlight and Lars and Kalie run a great business.

If you ever need a testimonial for your website, you have my permission to use this letter. You  Mehmet, were the best from the start, answering all my queries very promptly and accurately. I cannot tell you how much your tout has made me appreciate the beauty and history of Turkey.

Thanks and all the best for the future!

Manon Wathier - AUSTRALIA (August 2005)

Hi Mehmet! We arrived home safely two days ago from Turkey. I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our time in Cappadocia and what a great guide "Alex" was. Also, meeting you was a highlight for all of us because it made this part of our trip so personal. Thanks for all that you did to make this so memorable for us, and know that you will come highly recommended by all of us! The rest of our trip went well, too, and we loved sailing the coast and hiking in the mountains. All of us fell in love with the beauty of Turkey, but especially with the Turkish people who unfailingly showed kindness and warmth and hospitality towards us. This was truly the trip of a lifetime! Many thanks! Your friend, Patty Noren - USA (May 2005)

Dear Edip and Mehmet,

Now that we have settled back in Geneva after our wonderful experience in Turkey, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the time we spent with Argeus touring Cappadocia. We had a perfect day with Mehmet (who is the PERFECT guide), learned very much, and enjoyed the time thoroughly.

You are indeed a very special touring company and we thank you for time and effort. We hope to return soon.

Best regards, Chris & Mike Taylor - SWITZERLAND (May 2005)

Dear Edip
Thank you for having arranged an excellent trip for us in Cappodocia - which we all enjoyed tremendously.
We will be back in touch whenever we come back to the region.
With very best regards,
Cynthia (April 2003)

Dear Edip,

Our trip in Turkey was absolutely fantastic, wonderful, and totally perfect. Mustafa was a great driver and a wonderful person. We all felt safe with him at the wheel and totally comfortable that he would be able to handle any situation. Uzay has an amazingly deep knowledge of the history of Turkey which he was able to articulate in a compelling manner. He was an incredible host and guide. All the restaurants he chose had great food. He made us all feel comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for. We all fell in love with Turkey and hope to return some day.

Your company does an excellent job, and we'll certainly recommend it to anyone planning on visiting Turkey. We hope that all of you keep well and that your business continues to prosper.

Kind Regards,

Susan Striepe (June 2003)

Dear Edip,

We intended to drop you a few lines as soon as we got back from Turkey, but we were caught in our very busy daily routines.

We'd like to ask you to thank your father, your mother, your brother, your sister-in-law and your nephew for receiving us in their home and for their kindess. We will never forget the lunch at your parents'.What an excellent cook is your mother! It made us know a bit better the daily life in a turkish home.

About Himmet, we were very lucky to have him as a driver. He took care of us so well! The visit to your country was exceptionally good mostly due to his highly professional behaviour. We already miss him and the good moments we spent together. We will surely be in touch for the day we will return to your country. We would be pleased to have your services again.

You can be sure that all of you will be in our memory.

Please say hello to your family and Himmet, and we wish all of you all the best. Don't hesitate if we can be of any help here in Portugal.

Best regards,
Jorge and Helena (July 2003)

Many thanks for your excellent guiding through the Ilhara Valley and other sights in Cappadocia earlier this month. We were particularly impressed by your great knowledge of the region and enthusiasm. I found the underground city very interesting and also enjoyed the short visit to the caravanserai - a very interesting piece of history. We both enjoyed the walk - the asparagus we found was the most delicious that I think I have ever tasted - and I look forward to walking the whole valley on our return to Cappadocia.

I hope Jack and Louise were not too exhausted after their trip to Ankara!
And thanks for telling us the truth about the Star Wars filming. Maybe I will send an email to the Rough Guide about this myth..

Kind regards,

John Burn (May 2004)

Attn: Edip Ozcan Arslan
        Selcuk Sarpkaya

I wish to extend my appreciation for the excellent services that your company provided on our recent trip to Cappadocia. The hotel, Yunak Evleri, was charming and we enjoyed our stay there. The valleys and scenery of the area are breathtaking and were made more enjoyable by the detailed explainations that were give by Fatih Ayas our guide. We highly recommend him. Of course our driver (I apologize, but his name escapes me just now) was ver proffessional, always smiling and drove with the utmost of care.

Everything, including the weather was perfect and the four of us enjoyed awonderful vacation.

Best Regards

Allen Guday (October 2004)

Merhaba Edip,

Just a quick note now that I'm back to thank you and the entire staff for
all your help. You were really wonderful and incredibly responsive - we are
especially appreciative of Cynthia's quick turn-around and willingness to
work with us on the rest of our trip on such short notice!

Everyone was really wonderful and helpful; Mehmet was a fabulous guide who
added a great deal to our Cappodoccia experience.

The rest of the trip was quite interesting - a LONG drive to Pamukkule (plus
a bit of a detour due to my navigational skills)......Aphrodisias was
absolutely extraordinary; of all the ruins we saw (including Ephesus and
Pergamum, this was the one that moved me the most).

I hope you are well and perhaps enjoying a little bit of time at home
instead of on the road.

Warm regards

Berenice Wolpin (November 2004)

Dear Mehmet

Warm greetings from San Francisco.

CAN NOT thank you enough for the GREAT and FANTASTIC service you provided for the Khan's.

Just spoke to them in Cairo, they couldn't stop thanking us for choosing the PERFECT partner in Turkey.

Once again a million thks

Omar (February 2006)

Dear Edip,

I know you are not yet back from your trip. However I would like to thank you for your excellent organization. We enjoyed every moment, Ugur was a very good and pleasant guide and, in fact, we are almost sad to be back in France.
With kind regards and best wishes.
Nicole Baran (May 2005)

Dear Edip:
Now that we have returned from our travels to Turkey and Armenia I would like to express our sincere pleasure and appreciation of your arrangements you made for us. Throughout the entire trip you were mindful of our background and made our visit most enjoyable. You kept our interests in mind and made the trip, especially for myself, one that was problem free and for that I thank you. You acted professional at all times and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your agency to others. Please give a warm hello to Hams.

By the way, I hope you didn't forget who beat you in tavla!

Mark Mardirosian and family (May 2005)

Dear Cinthia

On Tuesday we came back to Japan again. Our travel to Turkey was successful and everything was so impressive there. We all are satisfied and enjoyed with your arrangement, Mr. Ercan Bircan in Cappadocia as well as Mr. Murato in Istanbul are very good in guiding, specialy they spoke good japanese !

We are hoping to visit Turkey and to you again in the near future. Thank you very much for your work and wish you having nice days. When our pictures ready I will send a few to Mr. Ercan / c.o. Argeus.

Best regards
Shigeyuki, Hiroko and friends (April 2005)

Dear Cintia,
Almost since 2 weeks back home but our mind is still back in the Fairyland! Our reports and pictures seem to be very impressive, so that all our friends are asking lots of details about this route. But besides the beautiful landscapes the success of this trip is due to the excellent service we’ve got and finally of course personally to Edip who is such a lovely, amusing, open-minded and very well-educated guide, really the best combination for such a difficult job, where one is obliged to live together with completely unknown people with different mentalities etc… I think we had great time with Edip, and we hope to see both of you once in Greece! Congratulations to both of you! I hope our “advertisement” will work, and you will get soon new requests from Greece!

Next Saturday evening we will celebrate our name day at Elenas’ home as it is Saint Helens’ Day and we will exchange pictures and videos from our trip. I will send you some of them via email.

You have special regards from Elena,
Have a nice weekend and once again thank you very much for everything,
Eleni (April 2005)

Dear Mehmet,
Steve, David and I would like to thank you, Ugur, and Omer for a wonderful tour of Cappadocia on May 18 and 19. The history and scenery were spectacular.
We especially appreciated Ugur's encyclopedic knowledge of Cappadocia, his unfailing willingness to answer our countless questions, and his and Omer's responsiveness to our requests. We will enthusiastically recommend
Cappadocia and Argeus to our friends. Thank you again.
Marion (May 2005)

Dear Edip,

We are writing to say a huge (though belated) thank you for the trip you’ve organized for us. You were right when you said that it was going to be our best trip – it was magnificent! We are now boasting to our friends that we have been to the places in Turkey that not many Turks have visited. Your itinerary worked great, and we made  very efficient use of our time.

It was quite challenging physically (we drove for 500 km every day, mountain roads etc) and the weather was unusually cool and rainy. But it was all fully compensated by the places we have discovered and – as always – hospitality of people wherever we went.

It was a pleasant surprise for us, that contrary to information on various websites and guidebooks, the roads were fine and signs were there, so we managed quite well. Security wasn’t an issue at all. It was also good to see that tourism is building up – all the hotels in Van were fully booked when we were there, and we met big tourist groups all along the way. So, it seems you will have more and more work organizing trips to Eastern Turkey J

And, of course, we couldn’t help it and stopped for two days in Istanbul in the end of our trip – icing on the cake!

We are not stopping there and already thinking of the next trip to Turkey – Iznik, Bursa etc (Andrey already has it all in his head!). I think it would be a good idea to come when tulips are in bloom. When is that – April?

Once again, thank you so much, and we have to make sure we see you next time we are around!

Best wishes
Katya and Andrey (June 2005)

Hello Edip - -

It has been a little over a month since our family said goodbye to you and Mahmet at
the Ankara airport - after three excellent days of touring central Turkey. We have very
happy memories of the vacation and the experience you conducted for us. There was
a lot to learn and enjoy, and you and Mahmet were both superb helping us appreciate
the region of Cappadocia and surrounding wonders. We especially enjoyed the hikes
and climbs with you, and all of us were grateful for your energy and flexibility along the
way. so THANK YOU!

We will keep your card and refer anyone we know who is heading to your corner of the
world. It is easy to explain to them that you are a teacher and a local, an intellectual
and a hiker, an expert licensed tour guide and a singer. With Mahmet, throw in a little
comedy too.

Here attached are a few family photos from our vacation - the schwarma picture is from
just outside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and may be a candidate for your "client folder".

Looking forward to seeing the photo of your kids.


Jan, Robert, Carson & Kellan (August 2005)

Dear Aydin.

Warm thanks to you and Mehmet for making my visit to Cappadocia so enjoyable. Sami is wonderful ambassador for the region, and managed to get me to see everything I wanted. The ballooning made an inspired finale.

We will of course send you a copy of the magazine as soon as the feature is published, which should be with the Finanacial Times on the first Saturday of November. Thank you again for all your help.

Best regards,
Julian Allason (September 2005)

Travel writer for
The Financial Times 'How To Spend It' Magazine
Hi Edip,

It has taken me so long to write to you, for which I am sorry, but I wanted to make sure that I did write to you to say what I want to say.

Thank you so much for being the best guide in the whole wide world. I have never been on a guided holiday before and I don't think I want to go on one again becuase nobody could be as good as you were. I had the most amazing time and found your country and Kapadokya the most beautiful place. I have never come back from a holiday feeling so filled with awe and inspiration. I will never forget the words that you said on the last day about "out of the darkness always comes sun. Do not think of this as an ending but as a beginning. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life". That truly was a beautiful thing to say and it has inspired me to realise that there are more important things in life than the little stupid things that I often worry myself with.

I loved everything about the whole trip - the food, the red valley, the fairy chimneys, the hot air balloon, the cave hotels, imagination valley, the pottery, Zelve, Orchisar etc etc.

You are the best!

Thank you so much

Eve Austin (March 2006)
Hi Edip,
We just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for being such an excellent guide to us in this wonderful region. We really enjoyed all of your insights and thought provoking additions to our lively conversations. You are so much more than a tour guide and though we'll be happy for the fish in the sea when you fulfill your dream we are so glad to have caught you now before you change professions.
Atalanta, Jessica, Julia, Laurel, Julia, Mikiko, Teo, and Aura Sky (March 2006)

I wanted to write and say thank you from all of us for arranging such a memorable trip to Gallipoli and Troy for us.
It was the highlight of our visit to your wonderful country, and we very much appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness.

Also, Kenan was just great, and I have also written to thank him. I did not catch the name of our driver, but he also was the best, and if you could pass on our thanks to him, too, I'd appreciate it.

We'll be back to visit again, in which case you'll certainly be hearing from us.

All the best,
Peter and Elizabeth, Thomas and Cecilia

Ross and I would like to thank Yunus for arranging two wonderful days of travel for us in Kapadokya, we had a really good experience and enjoyed visiting the Hittites and then walking in the Ilhara Gorge. Also, Mr, Hussain was a really excellent and safe driver, we appreciated his care and company.

Thankyou again and good luck in all your ventures,
Yours Maggie Deegan (April 2006)

Dear Edip,

Graham & I arrived home in Durban South Africa on Monday June 5th. Thank you so much for all that you did to make our stay in Cappadocia so totally memorable. We loved the 3 days we spent in your unique part of the world& greatly appreciate the time & effort you put into making us feel so very welcome. Please will you also convey our thanks to Mevlut for so expertly& safely driving us around the area.

With best wishes from us both,
Yours sincerely,
Jillian Cox (June 2006)

Hello Edip,
We are back in Chicago and I wanted to thank you for an outstanding trip. The itinerary was terrific, the guides were excellent, and the hotels all great experiences. We would be delighted to refer you to others.

Best regards,

Dear Edip Ozcan Arslan,

Pauline and I are now home in California. Thanks so much for your excellent service. We enjoyed our travel thru Turkey. It was an amazing experience full of wonder, information, and fun. Special thanks go to Ugur for being a very interesting and knowledgeable guide. He was most delightful and fascinating. Please let me know if I spelled his name correctly.
Dan Gilmour (July 2006)

Dear Mehmet,

We just finished writing a long email to Lynn Levine who, we understand, is one of the Frommer reviewers for Turkey. We told her you are the BEST. :)

Just wanted to let you know that we continue to appreciate all the good work you did for us during both our visits.

Best regards,
Carol and Jim (May 2006)

Dear Edip,  I was waiting for you to get back from your tour !  We want to tell you what an incredible time we had in Turkey thanks to you : Your planning was perfect, your guiding ( and driving ) excellent and very pleasant and informative : we feel that we saw as much as we could have in that time, but without stress or pressure. The food was excellent and as I told your colleague that may have been the only problem : we ate so much... we had to try everything because it was all so good.  As for the lodging, we loved  Yunak Evleri ( very good food also ) and thought it was very well located ; the choice of Sirkinca ( don't have my book here - this is not how you spell it ) was very good too, better than staying in Izmir I am sure and it is rare to see such an unspoiled village. Although there were no phones, it turned out our U.S. cellphone worked there.    The organization was perfect in every respect : excellent car size ( very comfortable with good views ), and everybody who had to pick us up ( including you of course ) was always perfecly on time.      So we will definitely recommend you, and Argeus, to any friends wanting to visit Turkey, and also to our U.S. travel agent ( Valerie Wilson Travel ).

It was very nice to meet your beautiful family ( I will send you pictures of the girls .. in the bus ). Please tell your little daughter ( Elif ? ) that 2 weeks after we had lunch, our "little " one, Sarah , also caught chicken pox : she is having quite a bad time ( it is worse when you are older ) and is out of school, but I am still happy that she got it ( you have to have it, and later would still be worse ).

I will send you photographs soon, please give our best regards to your family and thank your wife for the pretty scarf she gave me !  Until our next trip to Turkey ( we are thinking of the South West coast - or of the North East )   we send you our best wishes

                                            Vivian, James, Diana, Angela and Sarah   Mellon

Edip and Ali--

Just wanted to thank you for a really memorable trip! It was great meeting both of you and spending such
quality time exploring Konya and Cappadocia. Everyhing was a special experience...the food, the
people, the towns, the history...all fantastic.  I
have returned home only hungry to see more of
Anatolia!  Next, I look forward to planning a trip
with you to the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia...

Thanks again and best wishes,

Jason Perko

I loved everything about this trip and have already recommended it to my clients and friends.  I am sending Aydin a CD of all of our photos, they turned out so beautiful.  The places we visited, pacing, hotel assortment (I even loved the hotel in Side where the water was luke warm in the AM, found it charming and would go back. ) The Patara Prince was gorgeus and a very good value given it is old yet charning and loving.  The turkish bath there was luxuious however, I don't recommend the food there, very bland, much better to go into town to eat.  We ate at Aubergine (excellent) and lunched at a one woman shop at the top of the hill that made pancakes filled with cheeses and herbs. Delicious. The best delight was our guide Aydin, who I cannot speak highly enough about.  a truely fine human, campasionate and passionate about his work, love of people, all people, and his intellegence about history, religion, politics, and antiquity was not rivaled.  He also took great care and patience with our one member who had very specific needs that fell outside the normal range of what was expected from a guide.Aydin was a saint with her. Our tour would not have earned as rave reviews without him.  Thank you too Cintia for putting up with all our changes and last minute details. By the way Kudoos to the folks at 4 Oda who were delightful spirited people and who put out a truly tasty breakfast. Dakota Cimo


It was late at night and before going to bed I began to look at our collective travel pictures.  We have been to alot of places but none that we enjoyed more than our time in Turkey, your wonderful country, and our time with you.  Again, it came back to me not only how much we enjoyed you but also how very much we learned from you.  We were on a trip to Italy, later, and they began to talk about early Christian art.  The group got stuck and I held up my had with the correct answer and was then told " Oh yea, thats right. Where did you learn that?"  I then explained that I had been taught by a true student of the art--our Turkish guide named Mehmet.  They were very impressed.
Ann and Amy are in Paris with Amy's mother and a nephew.  Linda and I are holding down the fort in Chicago.  We are going forward with our plans to retire to North Carolina in the next year.  Any plans to come to the states?
Best regards
Skip, Linda, and writing on their behalf--Ann and Amy

Hi Cintia,

The trip was very good; by flying the long distances between regions instead of driving we were saved many hours of driving in a bus.  We enjoyed all the sights, we were never rushed and Alec explained everything we needed to know.  Since we were a small group, dinner each night was fun and we enjoyed all the hotels.  Alec is an excellent guide.  Alec worked very hard to make sure everyone was happy.  He took care of everyone's needs. 

If Argeus ran tours in other countries, we would be interested.  You do an outstanding job.

Thank you,
Mike and Caroline Feil

I would like to thank Aydin for a superlative time in Eastern Turkey last month.  I came with high expectations and was certainly not disappointed.  I would like to enter into early discussions regarding help with another trip to Turkey (and parts of Greece) in 2009.  My wife and I are thinking of visiting Western Turkey--specifically Assos, Pergamum, Aphrodisas, Hieropolis and then visiting some sites in the Western Mediterranean like Pege, Side, Selge etc.--kind of filling in gaps.

Please let us know if you can help

Dr. R. Tozer

Hello Cintia,
Yes, we are now home safe and sound after a wonderful trip.
Your services were excellent in every respect. I'm sure you're looking for negative as well as positive feedback but try as I might, I can't think of anything I would change about this trip.
1. The care and attention you personally devoted to our email and - occasionally - phone correspondence for nearly a year and half (January 06? - May 07) were exceptional. It gave me great confidence about the trip as a whole, which proved justified.
2. Our main concerns about spending 12 days with a single guide (would we like him? Would he like us? Would he be knowledgable and informed?) quickly evaporated. I give Sivis's services extremely high marks. His breadth of knowledge about a wide range of subjects was exceptional. He was flexible, polite, patient, easy going and (very important) unobtrusive - by which I mean we never felt overwhelmed by his near constant presence. He was willing to leave us on our own whenrequested, yet was always there when we needed him. In short, he suited us perfectly.
3. Another concern - the quality of the driving - also proved groundless. Both Ali and Ahmud (sp?) were excellent drivers and pleasant company. We liked them both.
4. The itinerary. There is nothing I would change. But if I was advising someone else taking this trip, I would recommend they spend another couple of days in Instanbul on their own, as we did. Two and one-half days were not sufficient given all the city has to offer. and we really enjoyed the extra time on our own. (We decided against Gallipoli in the end). However, having Sivis start us off on the right foot was a big advantage.
5. Four of the five hotels were wonderful (the Colossae was necessary but not great).
6. The food far exceeded our expectations, in terms of both quality and choice. I was somewhat concerned about how your company would handle this aspect of the trip (eg. would we be limited in our choices and spending?), but this proved not to be the case. Sivis chose restaurants (and often the menu) wisely and generously. We had many memorable meals.
That's about it! Call us very satisfied customers!
If you have specific questions, let me know.
Thank you for everything. All the best.



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